IMZAK wireless Internet Rwp/isb

Any one knowing what their new tariffs are.. big advert in newspaper today by them giving unlimited Wirelesss isnt updated

Don't know about their tariffs(according to their web, their rates are same before i.e. 512kbps in 3200 and 1mbps in 4750) but their future is dark, even my cable wala has ditched them a month ago due to very bad service.

You should keep away too from them.

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can any body show me add for Packages information as IMZAK advertised

Just seen it in my Friends House

8Mb in Rs 1500

You must pay 3 month payment in advance.

8Mb speed depend on you telephone line quality.

Free Installation.

No free modem in Economy package.

Also Registration fee.

Right Now only in ISB/RWP.

DS:800 Kpbs(Shared)

Speed slows down in evening(working hours),but very fast at night,(950 kpbs)

not bad,but strategy is too gain customers fast,and their customer care service is also poor.

My advice:Dont be tempted by it

Please clarify that, is download speed 800 KBits or 800 KBytes?

800 kpbits speed in 8mb connection.