Importance of Landline

Is this a way of civilized government to create hurdles in way communication networks. It’s unbelievable that now it’s a continuous norm on every eve to get mobile signals blocked thoroughly. Without even thinking about problems faced by public especially in religious festive, government just employ what they want to throw out. Though, landline is the one and only consistent means to be connected now and then with no obstacles. Thanks to this incessant and steadfast means of communication!

Despite of old phenomenon of landline, it’s still trustworthy and best means of communication in every location either homes, offices or any institution. Relying on landline could not come to a disappointment in any way as opposed to mobile signals that have been on target of every government’s strategy. As an eve comes, simply norm of disconnecting people with their loved ones came to an execution by government authorities without thinking at once. Is this a way to remove terrorism or intimidation?

Not really a good way as this is not solving the direct cause of the problem, which are confronting those terrorists themselves. Removing partial communications are useless as there are so many other means of communicating. A pity that the leaders are not doing the right thing to correct matters.