I'm hiring bloggers. If you're looking for a job, this is your chance

Hi Everyone,

I'm hiring bloggers who have good English writing skills. You will need to write about different topics, ranging from finance related topics credit cards, mortgages, loans to technology topics such as the iPhone, mobile phones, social networking etc.

You can even suggest a topic of your own if you are comfortable with it.

Job description:

You will have to do 20 to 25 blog posts a day of 200-300 words each, working from 9 to 5 or whatever time is required.

Quality must be top notch.

No content may be copied off the Internet. You will write original content only.


You will be paid Rs. 12,000 p/m starting. This will increase rapidly as the blog matures.

Currently one full time position is available. However, more positions will be coming soon.

If interested, please reply to this thread with a sample of your writing and your email address and I will send you an email.

There's a guy here who's paying double that: http://www.wiredpakistan.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=7448

Like i said in the post, the salary will increase in the coming months. Ours is a new operation so salary has to be in line with it.

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR SLAVES HERE???? what a ripoff, what i read is you are blogging western content for western readers, then the pay should be same as what some guy in the west would get, what difference does it make if the guy is in Pakistan if he is getting you the content you want then you should compensate him with western standards.

you expect 9 to 5 full month work from local talent and you are compensating him only 12000 rupees or 145.00 dollars for whole month, thats really insulting and pathetic, one unskilled worker is US takes more money home in one day wages than you are offering educated guy here in Pakistan for whole month. unbelievable.

12000 / 82.7 = 145.102781 dollars

and on top you are showing generosity by saying it would increase lets say even if you increase by 100% a month then still thats only 300 dollars a month, in my opinion if you are legit then if you are really thinking that people are stupid or desperate here, in this case you are really wrong,

and don't give me how much people locally make for local job, pakistan internal economics is different and this has nothing to to with what you asking, you are asking to someone to blog for western market then compensation should be from western standard too and not by standards of what local Pakistani market is paying for local work.

Give me 120000/month & i'll do it for you.

Thank you k2munda. My sentiments exactly.

There was once a guy in this forums with nick najamd. I did posted similar post to his thread and he attacked me and said "...make me look like im trying to hire prostitutes for a porn site" (that were his own words). You can read whole thread here: http://www.wiredpakistan.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=4400

My point is that why they (people like paidblogging or najamd) treat people in-need as slaves?

paidblogging will buy some .COM because he has money and will pay few guys to write blog for him and then paidblogging will make some big bucks through selling ads on that blog. When confronted these people will say "that's capitalism". F*** capitalism! This is cruelty in Islam and such business practices are condemn in Islam.

Following business practices of sadist Nazis won't justify business ethics in Islam.

^ and you said I was mutaween!!!

Anyways the guyz upstairs are right. I agree completely, but you have to understand, this kind of stuff is going on all around the world, in all types of businesses. IT slavery/injustice/middlemen practice, is just at the tip of the iceberg.

In the construction business :

. !@#$ agents contacted by US Govt/Pvt Companies/Orgs for repair/consultancy/design projects

. !@#$ Agents say the they do cheap

. !@#$ Agents contact good Civ/Arch firms in !@#$

. The firms are told of good money for which they work.

. What they don't know is that they are given 30% while they(PAgents) keep the rest.

. When firms find out, they can't do nothin about it. They just sit quiet and are thankful that at least they were paid.

I work in a CivEngg firm, so I know what these middlemen do, in and outside our borders. Its sad but you can't do anything about it, after all its a question of survival.

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

My point is that why they (people like paidblogging or najamd) treat people in-need as slaves?

Humans are made different from each other, their (our) thinking differs, some thinks good for everyone while others think of their own good only, the persons you mentioned are of the second category.

Start at 30,000

After two months Rs.40,000

Then at Rs.50,000 we are your slaves for sure

This is off-topic.


Dear, I have nothing against you. I like to discuss topics and give my point of view. I respect other people's point of view. Sometime, I do act irrationally but even if I disagree with the topic of thread, I give my opinion rather than telling people "they have no idea what they are talking about" and ask mods to close topic.

^^^^^^^^ GG Munda Bhai !

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