IELTs anyone


Has anyone here prepared/taken the IELTS test ?

What are you suggestions for prepration and comments regarding the test in general?


I took it in august last year and got an 8 with 5 days preparation.

Get your self familiarized with the test pattern by doing the practice tests within the time limits. No matter how good your English is if you are unfamiliar with the pattern then your chances of getting a good grade are slim.


practice tests from where ?


The books dude, there are four books "Cambridge IELTS 1,2,3 and 4" they come with audio cd's. Dont remember how much they cost.

These books cover both the test types (General and Academic).


I recently bought the Cambridge IELTS preparation course from urdu bazar, karachi. Its based on 8 books and CDs.. Cds are required for the listening pratice. The price was Rs.1400


They only gave me 4 books weird. But i think only 1 book is needed. There's nothing to learn from them, only have to familiarize yourself with the pattern