IE7 problem

I have been using IE7 for quite some time now with all updates, but I'm having a problem that it freezes a lot especially when closing a tab. Tried to install it again, but of no use.

Now I'm thinking about installing some other browser like Firefox, but have never used it before.

Is Firefox or Opera better than IE7?

I suspect some spy or IE's spy.

Anyway, I use both Firefox and Opera. Firefox is my default and main browser. It's awesome but only complaint is that its resource hungry and memory hogging. However, Firefox has great add-ons and make life easier. Opera is also good.

maybe u shld try resetting it to default settings ? this used to happen to me due the buggy adobe flash controls installed in the browser. I upgraded them it was solved.

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Is Firefox or Opera better than IE7?

This could start a huge debate! :D

But try both of them out, see which one suits you best. Both of them are really good and secure.