IE(Internet Explorer) 8

How do u find IE 8..I first installed IE 8 Beta and it was terribly bad but now the stable version is out and I have updated to the stable version and I am finding it much better than the earlier versions..It is faster...

Do u think that it can compete Firefox 3...So far I guess "YES"...It can compete...

Well. The question is, does IE8 have anything to offer over and above what Firefox offers? If not than why would anyone bother switching to IE? Second, Firefox already has an extensive list of add-ons which people are somewhat 'addicted to', for lack of a better word! Till now IE has just been trying to catch up to the competition and not doing a very good job of it.

But one thing that also matters(so far my some friends are concerned),Firefox takes much time to start..This is very bothersome for many people..that's why a normal user usually uses IE..Even if u still compare the users of IE and Firefox then IE outshines Firefox with much larger difference...

I guess this is where IE has somewhat upper hand!!!!

Let's not start the Internet Browser wars... :/

Use whatever suits you best and stop cribbing about other browsers.

^my question was very simple and I have given the answer even more simply..:)

I used one of the beta's but i found chrome and firefox much faster but then after using IE8 that came with WIndows 7, i was astonished by the speed. Also one aesthetic thing that annoys some people is the lack of a button for new tab (like chrome and IE8/7 in the bar with the tabs)

i am enjoying chrome nowadays... it is very good man

Instead of creating new thread, I decided to bump this thread :)

Internet Explorer 8 is released (final version). It is available at:

Has anyone downloaded and tested it? Any reviews (don't copy/paste)?

it is able to compete firefox....that's it.. :|

I liked it very much and especially the add-ons have remarkably improved...

U try's reasonably great...!!!!

actually i am using chrome these days and really catching on to it. the only thing it misses is that it doesn't have addons like firefox.

Ahhh downloaded the final version !! It is having problems with some of the sites. Specially Gmail :(

I just downloaded and tried this crappy internet explorer 8. it sucks. i can guarantee one thing... internet explorer will never be a good browser. :/

O thsank you guyz, I always turn to 9down for any news regarding softwares and stuff but when did microsoft release ie8 final. No one told me.....

The page which opens on IE8 is very dull ,dim.How to fix that.I want it to be sharp like its on IE7 or ff.

I used to be a Internet explorer user but switched to Firefox just 3-4 months ago. For me a browser should be able to open most commonly used websites on the web and supported by third parties like flash, JAVA etc. I never did speed tests and never bothered about them. Never bothered with security issue either as I always had a updated Norton to protect me, never got infected either. Even though firefox was around with its impressive add-ons I just did not feel a real need to switch. The thing that forced me to switch was that Norton stopped add blocking feature in its products. They just removed it from their new line. Norton add block was the only tool good enough for me to block adds in Internet explorer. So, I switched to firefox. I now use fire fox with Internet explorer theme (vista-aero), It looks exactly like internet explorer 7 but has firefox running under the hood with its addblock plus.

So, for me internet explorer v8 is no go as it does not have add blocking.

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So, for me internet explorer v8 is no go as it does not have add blocking.




Opera mini ftw

@dvbox-the websites will display better as sites will adopt to the new release.u might experiance mis alligned text or images not displaying correctly.give this a little time @topic-i think ie is for fast connections only.web pages load really slow on it. I love firefox and wil never switch away from is good too but still quite a few bugs it has and no add ons! @offtopic-is there any web browser for mobiles that has tabbed browsing?i cant find any for my n95!btw check out new mobile web browser bolt at

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yeah really… My point was if you like IE then stick with IE as there is no real difference between the browsers. I only switched because of the add block thing otherwise I would have been using IE and would most likely have upgraded to IE8

IE7Pro is a plug-in for IE that has add blocking module + many other useful modules including Mini Download Manager, Spell Checking, Find Bar, etc. May be this will also work for IE8 as well.