Ideas For Science Project

I am an A2 student and i am thinking of taking part in the science fair, You guys have any ideas for projects, its should be feasible, both technologically and economically....

All Ideas are welcome!

Thats a very very broad question. What kind of subjects are you taking and what are your interests?

My interest is to make something that is not very much related to chemistry, but more oriented towards the use of machinery, e.g one idea i am looking into is a single person hovercraft

Well if you want to create a hovercraft, then here's what you do:

>Go to youtube or google and find vid/tutorial of making one

>Then for parts go to Sher Shah

>Over there you find old industrial machinery, car parts, ship parts and chemicals available.

>Find your parts and then buy them

>Go hire a servant/mazdoor(with tools) and ask him to build it according to your specifications.

Result: A single seater stealth hovercraft, with nuclear capabilities.