I would like to introduce new IT service in karachi

hey i want to introduce search engine optimization (SEO) classes, training institute first time in Karachi Pakistan. There is not such institute available in Karachi of Search engine optimization so if guys interested in Internet marketing or short courses so you should go here.. please also tell me some review about this SEO training center in Karachi

What so is important for SEO to be get trained .. You can get every knowledge on internet for free

I don't think this is the right forum to be advertising these services. This is a buy/sell for real tangible technology related goods - _not_ services.

Moderators, you are in a better position to judge this especially since we've seen similar service ads as of late.

Hmm.....Where are the moderators?

Buying/selling services (provided that they are legal and legit) inside the buy/sell forum is OK. I moved the thread here.