I want to use 2 computers same time


dear friends i am new in this forum so i hope you help me:) i have 2 cable line (Local Cable Network) and a router of Linksys I want to use 2 diffrent line in 2 diffrent computers please help me how can i do this?(2 cable line from 2 diffrent cable operators) want to use 1 router and 2 system

thanks in advance


If you have 2 lines from 2 different operators, why do you need a router? Plug each cable into a computer and you should be connected on both if what you say is true.


Ashar thanks for your reply problem is that i want to use both computers same time and router is for wifi (wireless)


as Ashar have said you got 2 cable connection and 2 systems so use them at the same time what seems to be the problem?

are you trying to combine the speed of both the connections and use it as one on both the systems?


salman bhai i want to use both system wireless


Oh i see. He wants to take both his connections, connect them to the router and then connect his both computers wirelessly. Is that correct?

I wouldnt say you should. I would recomment to always have a wired connection with your Desktop computers but if you're using a laptop then yeah use it wirelesly. I dont exactly know if you can connect 2 different connections to a router but i have my DSL connection connected to the router and the router also has 4 wired ports so i have connected 3 computers wired and also i can use my PSP and Wifi Enabled devices whenever i want :). I dont have any idea about connecting 2 connections though, i dont think thats possible but i may be wrong.


yes my friend u are right i want to do this:)

ok tell me one more thing i am useing local cable network and my network admin want my lancard mac address there for i can use just one system and he add my macaddress in his server.if i will use router then what happent?can i use 2 system?same time?


Ok, you gonna need couple of these available at galaxy for 2350 each..


usb wireless adapters (and i think there is no requirement for your router if you gonna connect JUST two computer although you can use it too) so if you looking for 2 computer connection its gonna cost you around 4700.

also i think you can connect them and share your cable internet speeds too (*need confirmation)

check about other usb adapters and brands here.