I want to buy new Laptop Suggestions please

Hello friends

i need to buy a new laptop

Bugdet is 60 thousand only.

Looking for core2due processor

2 gb ram,

14' screen

looking for good bettery life.

Suggest your fav ones please

( i am fan of sony, but they are very expensive,, i think out of my reach na)

Always buy brand new laptop. Get little more money and buy Sony VAOI.

There is a saying in Urdu:

سستہ روئے بار بار۔ مہنگہ روئے ایک بار۔

you wont be able to buy any decent vaio in that price, you should look for HP and Dell, they are much cheaper.



for pakistan dealers, checkour




you can get an idea of what you want in a few clicks

yea i will surely go for new one

and i can get dell inspiron and hp 116 in that range

But i will look for sony first

even if configuration is low , i ll prefer sony

what you guys think

Anything special in Sony...????I suggest u to go for Dell and HP instead of SONY with better specs than SONY>>>

^ faysi9

Save few more bucks, take time and be patience and buy Sony VAOI. Isn't that you are looking for?


Why I said that because if you compromise today then you'll have a feeling like "What if I had VAOI...". That's why don't rush. Wait and save more.

One more thing, if you buy a brand new laptop it's price start to fall within weeks. Heck, after opening and using it for a day, the reselling price is at least 2 thousand reduced to your buying price.

That's why if you compromise and buy any other laptop then you are stick to it for a good period of time. And when you'll go to market to sell it, you'll get 70% to 50% of the price compare to your purchasing price. That's the Pakistani market rules.

sony is overpriced. go with ur need, i will also suggest DELL or HP.

Lenovo, HP, Dell. Any of them will serve you well.

i think i can get sony view with low configuration for 60k

i dont like HP compaq.

I am also looking at toshiba , and levono machines

You will easily get Toshiba in this budget but not IBM..>!!!!

Sony minimum I have seen is 77k...

i hav seen A TECH in sadar rawalpindi their rates are very negotiable

last month it was written 72 thousand for dell inspiron on their advertisements And we got it in 62 k from them

so i beleive they ll negotiate


they are selling SONY VAIO VGN–NR37G/S

1.86GHZ,2GB,200GB,DVD±RW,15.4 WXGA

for 69k

^can you quote the specs of other laptops at this price range?

I am interested to see the difference in specs between the different manufacturers.

HP 540 Business Notebook PC

Intel Core 2 Duo T5470 (1.6GHz) Processor


160 GB DATA Hard Disk

DVD -RW Dual Layer Drive with Light - Scribe

14.1" WXGA Widescreen Bright View Display

10/100 LAN + 56k V.92 Modem

Touch Pad + with Scroll Zone

1 Year Warranty

(May Include Carrying Case )

Price Around 57000.

At Compsi

Visit: http://www.compsi.com/

Call: UAN: 111-007-007

(Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad)

Lahore Display Centre also has Dell and acer laptops. You may contact compsi for more details.

You may also visit


hey but rates are always negotiable

we can bargain and less about 5 to 8 k. quotations are always higher then the real rates

Go for HP or Dell

or you can also check out MSI Wind, It is cheap and good

Try Lenovo...Its SL series is quite sheap though...

i don't think compromising on performance for the sake of brand name is a good decision.

I would prefer lenovo instead of sony.