I want to buy laptop . . . . . Please give your suggestions


Aslamoalikum ! Dear members its very nice to see members of this forum giving very good suggestions to each other.

Hopefully i will also get the good response.

" I want to busy a laptop. My range is less than 50000. For a person like me this amount is huge enough to spend. So i want to spend very care fully rest is upto Allah. I searched the market i met with friends. Every one is giving different views. I am not getting that what best i can get out of this price. I saw a very good laptop of Acer 4720. But most of the people says its not a good company. So i decided to buy Hp or Del. what you suggest for me? What things should keep in mind while purchasing laptop? Please help me out. Will be thankfull for Your detailed answer.

Thanks .


I was using Acer for 4 years and never had any issue. That laptop is still running fine, at some point of time I was even using it as a internet web server even, running 24x7, so I can trust Acer. I am now using HP notebook though.


go for any good sony vaio , i also have acer , has compatibility issues like of pcmcia card of gprs / edge.

near me sony vaio the best


Acer is the best price wise. Some of the HP laptops are also below 50K.

Far as quality goes, all laptops use the same internals pretty much, so they all work the same.

See the HP laptop listed for 47K here: http://galaxy.pk/


im using HP 530, C2D lappy, less than 50k. recomment it.


Well I went to saddar bazar in karachi. There was so many laptops available for 7 to 20 K range.. :(


i want to sell a laptop compaq presario 3000 if u r interested to buy pls say....


Thanks for giving such nice suggestions. I mainly want to use laptop for browsing, downloading , using MS office. So please keeping in view the uses and financial limit suggest a laptop on the basis of your personal experience. Thanks.


If u want to buy a good specifications laptop you can have HP Business Series 6720s this is the best one here in your price range

Rs 53,500


Intel Dual Core 2 GigaHertz Processor,


250 GB Hard Drive,

LightScribe DVD Dual Layer Writer,

15.4" WXGA BrightView Screen,

Bluetooth, Wireless, Card Reader

Go to http://myshop.com.pk/laptops-pakistan/index.php for details

I too was going to get it but im more concerned about beauty and 17" screen so as for you if you want to use it for business purposes this one is the best in market.


Also if u want core2duo with lighter specs see this


HP 6720S: INTEL C2D 1.6GHZ, 1GB, 120GB, DVDRW, 15.4" TB, LAN, MODEM, WIFI, BT, DOS

see at



If you dont mind giving an initial high price, but having a superb product to last for years to come, please check out my offer at this link.


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well all brands have their plus and minus points.

ive used toshiba, acer, hp, dell and this is my conclusion.

toshiba are evenly priced (satellite series) come up with 1 of the best LCDs (much better LCD than hp, dell, acer of same price range/series) but have very bad battery life out of the box. iam using satellite now.

hp (compaq pasario series is the affordable one, nt as reliable as toshiba or dell, i wouldnt recommend).

dell (one of the cheapest and most reliable, an all rounder, highly recommended).

sony vaio (usually over priced, but they lk very stylish and just as reliable as dell).


DNT BUY AMD, go for intel even if u have to settle for celeron.

if ur getting VISTA, make sure ur atleast have 2GB ram, otherwise the performance will suffer.

if xp then 1GB more than enough specially since ur using for browsing, chatting etc.

hard drive, ram, optical drive, battery can always be changed in laptops at a latter time, all u have to do is open a screw at the back, but graphix card, processor ur stuck with, so remember that when ur reading the specs.

best of luck with buying ur new laptop :)


oh forgot to mention acer, which are also very affordable and work fine, but they have a plastic feel ( iam talking about the low end onces) as compared to toshiba, dell etc.


Thanks a lot brother for your detailed reply but i have a question. You have mentioned that hp laptops are not better than dell. You have mentioned vostro series. What about business series?


the review ive given is in general,

and applies when u start comparing diff. series by diff. manufacturers as long as ur comparing equivalent series.

for e.g. u can only compare toshiba satellite to hp compaq presario series, coz both r low end.

we cant compare dell XPS to satellite or presario series coz that would be unfair :)


go for lenovo v. cjeap n durable it is for only 40000 rupees. in galalxy website


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go for lenovo v. cjeap n durable it is for only 40000 rupees. in galalxy website

thats a nice suggestion too,

lenovo own thinkpad series which they bought from IBM, ive never used one but the thinkpad used to be the most reliable and stable laptop of all time.

dnt know about the pricing of these.


m using ACER Aspire 4710 wid core 2 duo proc n its working fine.

price i guess wz 51k


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go for lenovo v. cjeap n durable it is for only 40000 rupees. in galalxy website

Dear help me a little, I can’t find Lenovo on Galaxy website. Where is it? A link will help a lot. Is it really 40,000?


ACER and SONY both are wonderful. I personally own two Acer laptops and they are kick ass when it comes to performance. SONY is a bit expensive while ACER is pretty much affordable if you can afford to buy laptops :)