I wanna buy 512 MB RAM DDR...Nybody has it?


My mother board is d845gebv2 and I am currently using 256mb which I dont think is sufficient for nowadays so I am looking to buy a 512 MB RAM in order to enhance the speed. IF ny1 has it please do let me know.


i have one ram 512 mb ddr1 for sale but i live in mirpur ajk how vill u send me money

i run a computer shop


Will it fit on my motherboard?...How much r u willing to sell it for?...and where is mirpur...sumwhere near nawabshah?



He has written ajk which means Azad Jammu & Kashmir!

So its Mirpur "AJK wala".


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Will it fit on my motherboard?..How much r u willing to sell it for?..and where is mirpur…sumwhere near nawabshah?

its near Maripur behind Lallokhet ;)


Mirpur AJK(Azad Jammu & Kashmir )

Near Mangla /Jehlum

If U want ram email me your phone no plz


Hmm....yaaar y shld i order from AJK.....I could possibly go and get from a shop near to my house...btw please lemme know the price of the ram so that I can have an idea about the price.!!!1


i have 512 kingston ram n live in karachi


Where are you situated?

You should get a new one for 1900 and used for around 1100


How much u willing to sell it for?


i have 512 kingston ram DDR 400 bus n live in karachi

Demand Aik Hazaar wala Karrak Note


i live in karachi