I need help with Torrents!

Hello guys!

I know absolutely nothing about Torrents and well I need some help. I have a 1MB connection and my client is Utorrent. Today, a representative from Maxcom came and I got my port forwarded. I am trying to download something but I am getting slow speeds like 20-30k while downloading it. I have set the value of uploading to 10kb.

I had to search a lot for a file to actually work. I searched on MiniNova, Piratebay and some other sites and found a file that started to download from PirateBay. Others would just sit there and do nothing. This is patheticly slow and a painful procedure that I am going through and I am sure it can't be this slow and I must be missing a lot. I could really use some help here guys. How can I get full speed? What's seeding and peering? Really, could do with some help here!

Thank you for your time!


this isnt the right place to ask try the torrent thread

go through it u will understand alot


and if u have questions post there