I need a frnd

i need a sincere frnd bcz i need help in many topics of internet

com on no 1 wants 2 b my frnd

internet means???

ok you need a friend or a tutor :P

I know the perfect friend for you: www.google.com

Just a friend? (j/k)

Check your email...

how can i check my email

Ok, so you are totally new to this stuff... do you have a cellphone? (a cellphone is a mobile phone)


the email address you registered with this forums. you might have access to your inbox. on hotmail, gmail or yahoo. etc..

signin to your inbox with the email address that you have registered while signing up for Wired Paksitan.

any1 there reply plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

^I am sorry, can you tell me who helped you registering you here on WiredPakistan?

oh helo i knw cel phone meanz mobilen i do hav it

the wateen man helped me i m jst to new so he said tht use ths site to get prblm solved

oh helo is any1 there?

^ LOL!!!!~!!~!!!!!!!

I like wateen :D

Anyway, Can you give me your cellphone number for helping you?


you forgot this is a forum. I am sorry you need to put your problem to get solved.

it's not a chatting room. and no one will respond like this. or keep your discussion through emails use the members profile link and use send via forum email to send aPM

any ways.

you much information about facebook to start over. that is much useful for you. best of luck.

and feel free to discuss any problems here if you have some and wish to have them solved.

bt thz is public forum n every 1 vil get my cel number is there any other way 2 giv my nmber

^Oh that's great you know it's public forum :)

use this link http://www.wiredpakistan.com/forums/profile.php?id=4151

and use "Send forum e-mail" link to send him a PM

^^ yes, Under my username, click on Email (it is written in blue) then write your number & click on submit.

u r litle rude bellskar i cnt understnd ur language wht is pm