I got Browsing Problem Here


This following problem happens ALMOST EVERY with me, when I open firefox or internet explorer then it says SERVER NOT FOUND.. and page not found in internet explorer

When I open the page in firefox it shows in bottom left status bar that "LOOKING up WWW..."and after some seconds it shows "SERVER NOT FOUND"

and in internet explorer it shows "OPENING PAGE WWW." and after some time it shows page not found..

but one thing I will tell you that in both explorer only GOOGLE.COM is opening very fine and also i can search easily , but while opening search page or any other page it shows "SERVER NOT FOUND" also with internet explorer

@I have a broadband connection....@

although bittorrent client is working fine with optimum speed

please see the image and tell me what is this Solution.


did u try changing the DNS server ???

I cant change all that coz its automatic alloted to me after i enable my LAN for internet

^just put new dns in tcp ip settings and if you are download or seeding torrents at the same time stop them and it won't happen