I Feel Sad

I feel sad.

When I see middle-aged, middle-class, salaried guys

lugging their gigantic UPS machines all around Co-

operative Market, Saddar (Karachi). Their anguished

faces covered in beads of sweat which fall from their

balding heads with windswept hair. The sweat forms

rivulets of grime across their face, as they navigate

through the tight confines of the market where there

is little light during the middle-of-the-day and they

have to fight for air and space in there.

I saw one particular guy. His face is seared in my mind.

He was in his early 40s. He was wearing shirt and pants,

the kind you get from the tailor. The edges of his clothes

were frayed owing to frequent washing. He moved from

one shop to another, asking if his UPS (which he was

carrying on his shoulder) could be repaired ?. Every shop

owner looked at his out-dated machine and flagged him

away with his hand, with the sort of disdain that is

reserved for street beggars.

As time passed, he got visibly tired. He was slumping

under the weight of the giant metal box. He would put

the heavy box on the ground to catch his breath. His

face was a picture of anxiety and a creeping desperation,

as his sole means of averting the daily KESC torture at

home (for himself and his family), now increasingly seemed

like a lost cause.

"Kaha na! yea repair nahi ho sakta! Ab itni purani

cheezain market mein aati hee nahi hain, bhai!".

Who knows how stretched his means are. How much

are his dependents counting on him to return home

with a working UPS. A small baby, a sick mother, an

angry spouse. He will go home and he will disappoint

all of them tonight. His male ego will be cut-up into a

thousand pieces with the dull blade of recriminations.

And tonight, the KESC M.D. which gets paid millions for

doing such a good job, will be sleeping in a chilled room.

He gets to be a hero to his family. He gets invited to the

CM and PM houses. Dozens of people salute him daily.

He doesn't get sweaty. He just keeps getting rich, off

of guys like the one in the co-operative market.

I feel sad and I don't know why.




Sheikh 'Allah Dekh Raha Hai' Chilli

such is life.

being young, the first thing popped into my mind is will i be doing the same thing when i will be 40? hope not, though it looks like it will get from sad to sadder...

I really wish and prey, aye Allah! give me ability and resources enough to help it.

I think every one like you me and others in middle class have a sense to feel sad about it. and even think if could help that man....

waise here is a question for the guys who feel sad about it, is it because deep down u fear that before it happens to me, i have to fix it?

dont take me wrong i feel sad about it too but as i said the first thing that popped into my mind after reading this is if i will be as helpless as the guy mentioned in the opening post. its natural, but is it selfish?

:( :frowning: :(

Anything electronic can be repaired. In most cases with a damaged UPS, its some IC (PWM, Power MOSFETs, etc) , the transformer or a blown fuse.

Today scene is really terrible not coz feared it will happen to me but due to the reason this is not the way things should be.

Every thing can be repaired but the current situation also will rise anger into his heart.

At the moment ever 7 out of 10 Pakistanis act to be mentally ill.

Do not know what to do feel really terrible and frustrated. OH GOD HELP US ALL!

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