I can use 128mb 3d card without fan?

i hve nvidia geforce4 mx440 card but can i use it without fan bcoz there is no fan with it or any slot of fan

Come again? Has your fan stopped working or was there no fan to begin with?

there is no fan to begin with but there iz only heat sinker.

well if it has a heat sinker then you can use it without fan, although cards usually have both, for test purpose install a temp testing software like speed fan or pc wizard and check the temperatures at different intervals of time like after 5 min...15min...30min.. if the temperature stays inside 70 while not playing any heavy game then its fine...

If it doesn't have one, it isn't required.

Heat Sink is enough to absorb all the heat. U dont need to install a fan.

I run 256 Geforce 5500 without a Fan!!! It has been 9 months without any problem.