I am using two pc's with Shiro DSl805E. Tutorial for others

Hi guyz

I am new user of ptcl dsl,

I connected my ptcl dsl 1 mb with two pc's,

And if you want to divide your connection then but switch Rs-500 to Rs-1000 depend on quantity, i am using tp-link switch price Rs-1100,

Connect you ethernet cable from modem to switch in post 1 and then buy 2 cable wires and connect in both pc's, then on second pc in which you are going to share your internet use these settings to make internet connection work,

Go network connections, local area network properties, tcp/ip settings, select obtain automatically ip, dont select obtain auto dns use manual and put prefered dns: and in alternate use : then press ok

and start browsing :)

This means if you want to connect two pc's then router is not required because dhcp assign ip automatically.

If you having any problem discuss here,


OMG does this really work? I've got a switch and everything going to try later...:o

I'm using ICS for now. :/

you can also use more than 2 PCs too :)

yes you can use more pc's , i have switch with 8 port means i use 7 connections at a time

I tried the a/m method but when i enter my username, it is giving me an error which is :

error 691: Access was denied becauseusername &/or password was invalid on the domain.

so even though switch shows connectivity on both ports i am able to connect to internet on one system. So what can i do as i don't want to use router atm

you dont want to enter anything in your other pc just set automaticall ip detect thats it and give dns manually nothing else

Well that's exactly what i did, but it still allows me to use internet on one system. So what should be the settings on the dsl modem for this. Currently i am accessing it using pppoe..and when i checked on, its type was set to bridge mode...

Do i have to change my computer's tcp/ip properties or only the second computerz? i m trying every thing to make it work but all in vain .. help

no only put dns in tcp/ip property nothing else. if you still get problem post here.

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no only put dns in tcp/ip property nothing else. if you still get problem post here.

yes i have problem… I have a manual dsl login connection… i hope u understand what i m saying. soo becoz of that i cant have dsl sharing. this is what ptcl men r telling me.

so i now want to have my internet auto connected. i mean whenever i start my pc

it should b on. it shouldnt b like what i m doing now , connecting it every time i need to use net.

Can u tel me how to do it??

Okee.. My problem has been solved by a ptcl representative.

the problem which i recently described was solved by changing the quick setup in the dsl site.

thank 2 that man...