I am thinking about porting out to Ufone from Telenor


I am using persona post paid. They won't convert me to prepaid in Telenor,and its costs more then a rupee per sms message. There is no package to buy sms in bulk.

I am not a big messaging fan,but I still send 50-500 text messages a month. That includes international sms, which costs Rs.1.5 +taxes on Ufone..

What do you guys suggest? People I usually call have different operators,I can't really say "most" of them have so&so service. Anyone using Ufone here?


Ufone Rocks...


rates for calls/SMS/ Per hour packages....VAS everything is there


If your texts to international numbers are high, you may want to consider Ufone, but I'm not sure how many operators they have a (bilateral) agreement with. YOu'll have to check up on that.

If it's general messages, you could consider either Zong, Ufone or djuice. You'll have to see which tariff suits your plans.


everybody loves to ufone prepay......


if u call a lot then warid might be the best , dnt go for ufone as my family is suffering from its voice quality in Lahore . . . . . Neva do that mistake to go for ufone .

I had warid postpaid one yar ago , i wanted to go to warid prepaid , but they didnt allowed me , so i port out to djuice for three months and then came back to warid prepaid ... this is also a good option if u want to use djuice


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everybody loves to ufone prepay…

Really? :confused:


ufone is working fine here, never once have i gotten a dropped call, even at the 2.5 rs/hr option whereas on my telenor 4rs/hr i could never even make a one hr call without it dropping


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Really? :confused:




People! stop posting useless posts like ok, yes etc. to increase ur post count


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People! stop posting useless posts like ok, yes etc. to increase ur post count

That is really really far fetched.


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everybody loves to ufone prepay…

i hate ufone


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i hate ufone


any reason…?


Well, I don't hate it, but I've heard a number of stories about it.

And we have a Ufone connection at my place, so I do know first hand what happens...


Hi... pls tell me can i use the free friends and family package calling 5 ufone numbers for free from 12 to 7am with uwon package?


Why not visit Ufone's website on www.ufone.com and try do it yourself! We're not quite like Wikipedia. If you've been to the site and then can't figure out, then post.


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i hav also port out from telenor persona to u fone pre pay ., but it took 18 days after to convert including eid holidays


please let me know the process of porting out from mobilink postpaid to ufone prepay ,with the same number of mobilink postpaid which starts from 8

ok i got this info now