I am new here

Assalama Liekum, Now i am a new member here. I am a student of Fsc(pre-engineering) part 1 in Leadership college Rawalpindi. My name is Hassan and nick name is Sani. I am using Micronet Broadband so i searched the net and found some information and CSR on MBL here so i registered here.Please guys introduce your selfs too.Thanks


anyways, welcome :)

i suppose there's an intro thread already?

welcome here

welcome to WP Forums you are most welcome in every discussion.

i was new here too..

welcome dear...feel free to ask any question or share any information related to technology

wal alikum salam shani h r u?welcome in this fourm and thanks for join the comunity of wired pakistan its full of informattion and alot of usefull tips hope u will enjoy very much and keep aware the latet changing in the tecnology filleds.......thaks

^^^What Is Thaks Hahhahahaha

As Salam o Alaikum SAni!

You will be very happy to know that wiredpakistan forum shares each n every news related to technology in Pakistan. Feel free to question! and make this wonderful forum a place where every Pakistani would be connected!

w/salam , welcome to Wired Pakistan :) .

man your choice is awesome coz u choose the right forum to register.

^ thts a joke isn't it? :D

^not really by the way!!!

yes not "really"

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^ thts a joke isn’t it? :D

well once it was… now we have too many people who just want to increase their post count :confused:

hi welcome.

UR the right man at the right place.

feel free to read and write ur opinion

well welcome to WP.

I'm sure every new member does not need a personalized greeting from every other member on the forum so I'll close this thread.

Sani, please read the rules and follow them. And try to write quality posts which focus on content and not just on size. Welcome!