Hundreds of phones out of order


LAHORE: A large number of telephone lines are out order in the provincial metropolis for the last several weeks but the Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has failed to mitigate the sufferings of the masses.

Talking to The Post, the residents of Misri Shah, Imamia Colony, Shah Jamal Colony, Samanabad and even government officers' residences (GOR-III) in Shadman, said that they were facing hardships for the last many weeks as the landlines went dead in July. The PTCL consumers said they lodged many a complaint on 1218, but to no avail. Some of them also approached the concerned divisional engineers but the authorities paid no heed to their requests.

Commenting on their ordeal, the consumers said the PTCL was charging fixed line rent charges, albeit the phones were dead for the last many weeks.

Lamenting over the apathetic attitude of the PTCL, Taimour -ul -Hassan, a complainant, said: "it is disturbing that PTCL is charging line rent for a dead telephone lineā€¦ owing to poor services, the PTCL consumers are either switching to wireless phone systems or consider it better to use cell phones" and added: "my phone number 7596575 is out of order since long and all my efforts to restore the service have gone down the drain".

Nasrin Qadir Butt of Imamia Colony told that her telephone no. 7916841 was out of order since the first week of July but the PTCL authorities were charging monthly line rent without any qualms.

Another subscriber Waseem Ahmad confided to this scribe that his telephone no 7416142 went dead on June 10; he lodged many complaints, but to no avail. He appealed to the PTCL higher authorities to look into the matter and do the needful.

Zarina Parveen said that he was charged for 254 local calls in spite of the fact that her phone stopped working owing to breakage of a telephone cable." I have been charged for almost 500 local calls for that period when my phone was out of order", she said.



thank GOD i got disconnected from PTCL..............


My phone has been dead for at least a month now, too. :(


same here in karachi my phone has been dead for 2 months,,what is going on?????