Huawei SmartAx MT882 modem adapter problem

i ahve just returned from normal package to student package now with above modem we have here lot of electricity volatge flcutation here in khi and modem is not working on adapter givem by company its is 12 v 800ma can i change it to 1.2 or 1 ampare?any adpter sugestion with prices

Adapters are according to power requirements of device. Even if you use an adapter capable of more than an ampere of current, the device will still use only the current it needs.

It it is 12V adapter, I suggest that you hook it up to your computer's PSU output on the 4-pin molex connector which has regulated 12VDC.

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I am also using same modem & was facing same problem. Donot use PC supply as it will not be easy to connect for normal person. I have bought UNIVERSAL INPUT VOLTAGE (110VAC to 220VAC) output is 9VDC 1 Ampere. As the modem has internal regulator & supply circuit, the polarity of this new DC SWITCHING SUPPLY willnot make difference. Just buy an universal input voltage 9VDC 1amp supply or adaptor (Rs 120 to 150).. Just match the connector of old adaptor with new one...

Hope It will solve your problem.


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One more thing, do check your bottom side of your modem for input voltage requirements.

My modem needs 9V 1amp....