How to watch online TV?

one can watch episodes on Channel 4 ( online. Unfortunately this facility is only available to UK residents. Is there anyway to get around this???

BTW, i'm NOT a new member -- I am actually BloodyP'doff --- For some reason after PakTech was hacked, my old password /email add was not being accepted ----so I had to create a new name! Cheers!

Thats cause everything was wiped clean when the forums were hacked. You could have re-registered with your old ID.

i did try! but nothing seemed to work. anyway -- one can't be p'd off forever, huh???

you can try using a proxy, but my experience with using proxies hasnt worked out that well. Maybe i do something wrong, i have no clue.

On a side note, if you want, we can change your nick to your previous one.

i'll try the proxy route...No, it's ok -- I'll stick to this nick now.

You can try some proxy servers located in the Uk as a work around but I don't think those proxies will pass enough bandwidth to watch good streaming video.

To watch free online music tv channels see this link: