How to use two connections simultaneously

i have two dialup connections

1:ptcl vwireless

2:zong unlimited gprs

my question is can i use both these connections simultaneously in window xp

please help

I started the same thread last year on the forum, which I think was lost in the data loss, or might still be somewhere...

In short, I have only found one way of it working in Windows XP, and that is to use a software called Wingate. I wrote a tutorial in those days just for this, and I can't remember the details correctly, so you can see the following for steps.

In Linux however, I believe this can be done without any software.

will it double the speed too?

I have a wimax and a dsl connection, can i use them simultaneously???

Yes you can, though be careful when binding/unbinding internal adapters in Wingate config.

so its mean i have 512kb/s connection and a worldcall wireless connection its about 200kb/s so when i bind it will my speed become 712kb/s?

i dont think this will work. you will get which ever is better. it will try to maximize the speed.