How to use a UPS Machine?

I've recently bought a 1000 Watts Sonic UPS machine with an Excide 190 battery and hooked it up to three lights, two fans, and a computer/ TV. I'm new to this UPS deal. Can someone explain about how to care for it for maximum useage. Do I need to have the switch off or on to charge it? When the "full" light is on, should I switch the UPS off to save the charge if I don't need it? Thanks for the help.

You have to take care of batteries ...chek their distilled water properly ..

for further on maintaining batteries study this link..

as far as ups system concerned use voltage stabilizer or regulator for preventing high or low voltage damage to ups.

if you uPS is new and automatic you dont need to switch on or off..UPS can do itself..

happy UPS light :)

What about overcharging? I heard you can damage the battery by overcharging it? How do I prevent that?

UPS have these charging cut relay...on reaching a specified volt the relay cuts the charging current supplied to the battery...hence a secure prevention from over-charging...Usually UPS is an automated device. all wat u have to worry about is to provide it with proper voltage and a healthy battery...and thats all!

yea u dnt need to worry abt it ..itz UPS job...