How to trap website data?


Please Please tell me how to trap website templates and data and design .

eg:.. i have opened a website and i link its design how t download it to use with my website????????????




...not sure of the spellings...


Doesn't that sound like stealing a design? If the designer wanted other people to be able to use it s/he would have made it easy for them to get it (like a zip download).



not all sites are able to be downloaded like you want.

if a developer wont want. then he will not let his data/design/material go like this.

there are 1000s free templates available on the internet just for one click download. why don't you go for that.

I'll suggest you keep your talent for big things.


^I agree that looking for free templates is better than catching someone's site design or edit it. You can also use web copier to download whole site. I mostly use for offline study.


Copyright violation warning. What if your work got copied?


of course copying of somebodies material except studying is illegal. Also if it is somehow restricted to just study some material online than also that copying is illegal. But it can be used to copy data that can be copied to the desk


learn how to make a web layout. CSS etc, rather than making plans about stealing take hours to make a web templates, it is just like making a robbery or stealing money.

GO and make your own unique layout.


thanks slave you rock you are right i am not a theft i will do my work myself.:rolleyes: