How to speedup Hard disk?


I have IDE hard disk installed but its speed is slow coz other configuration i have is 1.5 gb ram , P4 2.0 ghz ,

so is there any way to speed up IDE hard disk


What you can do is run some disk defragmentation software on it. Some good sofware would be tuneup utilities 2009 and diskkeeper. Also check the hard disk properties in disk mannager to see if the drive buffer is disabled. I currentlly dont have access to window system will tell you in detail later. But right know you can use these softwares.

Also if you HD is old then its because of its old age that it is slowing down.

Hard disk speed doesnt has anything to do with processor or Ram . If you have low disk space on the concerned HD than try to get rid of useless stuff on it. Less disk space also reduces the performance of the system.

As a last resort reinstall windows as very old window installation also tends to reduce the Hd performance.