How to setup wifi + wireless LAN

In case I want to connect 10 pcs?

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In case I want to connect 10 pcs?

First of all, wi-fi, wireless LAN = Same thing

Next, guides for this have been posted a BILLION times. USE THE SEARCH BUTTON. Here are some guides anyway:

1. If you want to use the wireless router as an access point (i.e. you will not be using the wifi router’s config, but will be using modem’s config):

2. If you want to use your WIFI router as a router, you’ll need to go to your PTCL modem’s config page, set it up to BRIDGE MODE, put correct VPI/VCI values (just copy the ones you had previously on a piece of paper), connect the ethernet cable from your PTCL modem to your WIFI Router’s WAN or INTERNET port, and then set up your WIFI ROUTER using this link: