How to sepereate vocals from an Mp3

I want to separate vocals and music from Mp3. I have tried Audacity but it didn't worked. Any Idea ?

it aint possible

What do you exactly wanna do? Can you give more details?

I think he wants to seperate the instruments and the vocals from a song, he wants to delete the instruments in a song

^ Their are two things he might wanna do:

1. Remove the voices and keep the music.

2. Remove the music and keep the voices.

Anyway i think it's not possible to remove vocals unless you pay a lot of money to get some professional stuff.

he can search for karaoke version of that song to get only the music of the song....

you can details from Jake Ludington's MediaBlab. It is possible!

Thanks, It's not working for me. When i use this plugin it remove all the things.

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lol, don't post if you don't know the answer, or use google to learn from others first.

i use audacity all the time to remove vocals for karaoke and remove music for a cappella. with success rate around 90% overall

i primarily use two plugins "kn0ck0ut" and "Voicetrap", its trial and error at first as you use them more then more easier it would become, its very important how the master song was mixed in such a way that the vocals are panned to the center of stereo tracks then that song is the esiest to work on. its all about tweaking settings in audacity and plugins.

further information


my DTS hifi panasonic home theater does this all with a function V-mute and M-mute

It also depends on how the sound was originally recorded and mixed. One thing is if the vocal tracks are recorded exactly the same on both channels. The two methods used in Audacity work on some tracks, but not all. You should get some results with trial and error.