How to send sms to a group....?


Ok I am kinda rookie in stuff like these so can anyone tell me how to send a sms to a group in samsung X210?

Its allows making of groups (i have made one or two) and it is, according to capable of sending group sms. but when i try to send (forward) any sms to my desired group, the phone doesn't give such option or lets me select the desired group.

Any help would be much appreciated.


I use samsung x820 these days so if both have the same functions then try this.

There are 2 preset groups in most samsung sets Friends and Family. When you save someone's number you can put them either in friends or in family by scrolling down as this is the last option on the contacts page. Put as many people as you want in the groups then when you are about to send a sms instead of putting the number go to options and select group, then select friends or family whichever one you want.

However you cant make any more groups as there are only two presets.


Ahh... I can make total of 10 groups with i think 10 names/numbers in each group... But the problem is when i try to select a group .... the phone's drop down menu has NO option to select any group........ i can go to my contacts/phone book and only able to select a single number/contact for sending a sms.... How do i select a group when apparently there is no option for selecting a group but phone supposedly is capable of sending sms to a group ?