How to run Ufone Gprs

Hi i just got ufone sim and want to use ufone gprs with Nokia 6600. I have got gprs subscription and settings from Ufone via sms's. But gprs is not working properly. I am new to this gprs service. It's speed is very very slow like 3kb and sometime it says "Gprs not available Check network services. Please just tell me fully detail that how to configure it and run as normal. Maybe some settings are conflicting and. I have settings for MMS, GPRS,WAP and Internet. Thanks

nokia 6600 is show gprs and gprs downloading is 4 to 7kb try other services

I only want to get internet to download some programs like UChat messenger and if some will come then those. Maybe it's the problem with handset but just tell me a proper way to run gprs from start to end so i can confirm by applying correct method.

if you want to use uChat then follow the instructions on to download.

and if you feel your settings are not good call customer service. because if they sent you the services they should have most probably be good for your hand set.

get new settings from

I was also doing this and gprs is working but not well. I am getting not a single of Uchat messenger. I am getting just 1kb download speed.

also try to connect using another set, with EDGE

u wana run it in a marathon ???? :P

Ok i have ran it and getting max. 55kb/sec speed. Thanks for your help.