How to reset shiro router?

Friends i have PTCL 1MB dsl with shiro router. as i want to forward ports for Utorrent but is not opening. I read somehere in this forum that reseting shiro router will resolve this problem.So will some one please guide me how to reset my shiro router.I will be grateful.

no resetting modem will not solve the problem ...

you have to port forward using the port settings tab

and by entering the web manager of your router...

for further how to port forward type port forwarding in google you will get results...

Bro thats wat i m talking about.that i could not enter web manager as does not open.

If you can not enter your modem web manager page, then unplug the telephone cable from shiro and restart it once. then u should be able to access web manager page.

use a common pin to press the reset button at the back of modem. the reset button cud only be pressed by using a common pin

your modem will now be reset to factory settings

then you will need to configure your modem to use ptcl dsl.

here is the link to the guide on ptcl's website

It solved my problem of not acesing and now I can access it without removing the telephone line even.

Instead of using port forwarding you can also use the UPNP feature of the modem. I can't remember exactly where it is but it is somewhere in the shiro modem settings. Just check that and the router will automatically forward the utorrent ports. You have to enable upnp in utorrent also

Thanx to all of you.I have successfully reset and forwrded ports.all workong fine now.i WILL request the admin/mods to close this thread....