How to remove scratches from a CRT monitor


My monitor screen got these two scratches due to a small accident which occured in my room this evening.. The scratches are about 4 inches long, other than that there's also black dot at the begining of one of those scratch.. Now viewing movies, browsing websites doesn't feel the same at all .. Is there any way possible which could help me get rid of these ugly scars? Any help would be much appreciated.. Thanks!

PS: Don't advice me to get a new monitor as im totally out of budget nowdays.


Google it. You'll find a lot of material on the subject.


go to regal trade saddar or naz digital plaza and take your monitor with you>>ask anybody where they polish and clean scratches off of monitors>>pay 150 rs to the guy to get the scratches out>>they guy will probably take a big buffer and clean out the scraches will take a few minutes>>

do it at your own risk though if the montior is damaged>>although they do do this all day there to all the monitor lots coming in>>


40mbps are you married or had fight with a sibling? :P


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40mbps are you married or had fight with a sibling? :P

yeah, 4 inch scratches, kiya kar rahay thay bhai ?