How to put downloaded games in my psp


hello i bought my psp from dubai and it doesnt have the ISO folder so how can i put downoaded games in my psp


first u have to be shure dat it has a modified firmware if it has a just plug ur psp into ur pc and make a folder called iso now put the game in it and plug it out and njoy


Check your firmware and then tell me. Maybe i can help you.


first google for learning how to roll back to an old firmware 1.0/1.5 , if you've got a newer firmware.

then download PSP games off torrents (the games that you already OWN in UMD format :P) caz its illegal to download games that you dont own)

look up for methods how to mount those images ( you basically need to copy those GAME IMAGES onto ur memory stick and load those up from a modified firmware or use some specific application)

since i dont own a psp, i forgot the whole procedure, i just taught one of my friends a year or so back how to do all this procedure (with legal games of course)


Use pandora... no need to go back to 1.5 version.