How to power the SpeedTouch 585(i) v6 thru a PSE over PoE

Can anyone please explain the procedure to me?

And also if I will be able to get a PoE Splitter in Pakistan?

PS: I know that the 585 does not support PoE natively.

UPDATE: And I have found out that I would require an 18V PSE Splitter to power the Router thru PoE. It would have to be a PoE+ compatible PSE. Can anyone guide me to make a homebrew PSE please? Any genius engineer out there?

anyone please?

c'mon guys, anyone? i really need your help in this

u can find poe spllitter via d-link chk out there website.... the dealers info is there too

ok, so I somehow managed to find out that the 585 doesnot support poe :(

can anyone please tell me if there are any other options? it uses an 18volts adapter. can I use a small ups to power it during the loadsheddings?

any help would be appreciated please.

PS: i don't have any desktop in the house so the 'power thru psu' is out of the question.

well...with UPS it should not be a problem...just plug the adapter in it and you are good to go...just make sure you get a computer specific UPS...other ones can cause the router to reset when electricity goes/comes...

come to think of it even with POE splitter you would need a UPS for it to run when there's no electricity...right??

hmmm... ok.

can you please specify any particular make or model that will serve the purpose?

btw, PoE devices support upto 12V of output without any other power source. but unfortunately a device has to support this natively.

APC 650 watts would be more than enough.