How to play local radio station offline

is there any way to tune the loacal radio station on pc withjout conected to net or if we use fm modulator how can we listen that on our pc anysoftware or hardware

well , im no expert but i belive that you cannot, as the radio channels you listen to via internet are in constant stream.

as for the software,that i am not aware of.

one thing u can do is that connect ur personal FM (2 ,3,4,5 in one)through line in into ur pc and enjoy and other thing that ur asking is not possible listening radio offline,,,

my tv tuner card can get the fm reception... pixel view 3.

No Idea

Some TV tuner card have FM tuner built in them. You can also purchase FM tuner card (in PCI for desktop and PC card for laptop).

Some 4 or 5 years back I used MSI TV Tuner card and it came with FM Tuner builtin. It had a range, for FM only, from 87 Mhz to 108 Mhz. You have to use antenna that comes with it. Audio quality was lot better than my living room's stereo deck. You can record directly into MP3. It was great but I upgraded Windows and I sold card as it doesn't work anymore (no new drivers).