How to Play C.S online on Non-Steam Servers

hi all, i am new to this game, want to play online..

i have every thing i-e sxe,(uninstalled), list of pakistani servers etc but unable to play online.

i have non steam version 36 , downloaded from mininova.

whenever i try to enter any !@#$ server, they kick me saying sXe injected required.

i installed this. then i started game, i didn't start. saying sxe intercepting error..

any body please hlp me...


pc config ? window sp version ?

picture of the exact error or post same error msg may solve your problem.


Same error type of error I got, & kicked me out. on Micronet server & Link dotnet.

Although I was enjoying over PTCL servers.


- cs 1.6

-Non-Steam server 1.6

-sxe application.

lol ^ wat da hell are u installing ? :P

Download CS 1.6 (download from, setup size = 272mb)

Download patch 23 (from "")

Download sXe 7.8 fix 1 (from


Install CS , Patch it , Install sXe.

Run sXe, Open CS , Join Servers , Enjoii :P .


this worKs fine with mE and most of Lover of Counter Strike !!!

note**** : make sure your firewall/antivirus is not blocking sXe, HL.exe.