How to improve page rank of a site?

Plz give ur suggestions about ways to improve pr. Also what directories should be good for that matter.


Get backlinks. Lots and lots of backlinks. How to get backlinks? Here are some common methods:

1) Write articles and give them away for free to various article directories. Imbed links to your website in the article. People who make websites need content. If your articles are good they will use them on their site and you will get link backs.

2) Make free themes or templates and imbed a link or two in the footer of the theme.

3) Buy links.

4) Exchange links with similar sites.

Personally I used 2) and a little bit of 4).

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one more suggestion i personally tried that and it really helps ,

at footer section of your webpage ,create many dots like " . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . ." and link each dot to the main sections of your website , try this once you will love it :)

Interesting point Xain, Can u tell me about any site using this technique.

Purchase links or do it your self or link exchange, submit you site in different dirs if you want to know more see NasirJafri.Com or contact him free in pakistan

Running contests is also a good link bait technique. If promoted right a contest can generate 100 - 150 links in one week.

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Make backlinks on forums, blog's comments, and social media

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Make backlinks on forums, blog’s comments, and social media

thats spamming !!

has anyone tried his luck with free article submission sites like

build your backlinks. write unique content.