How to get traffic to website?


I am creating a website

actually i have created but not uploaded anything to it before i upload tell me some ways by which i can get traffic for Free.


if u need a hollow feel of getting viewed in the cyberworld then is probably the best place for you. but if you need real admiration and real popularity then get yourself registered on some pakistani blog aggregators like or and atart posting some quality content.

don't forget to register and post your content on


try to be index on web directories.

Google and other search engines loves back linking. especially 3 way linking, so get socialized with other website, but 1st of all you need your own domain, don't waste your time with this free domain. get your own identity,


show TV commercial of your website on Geo

#5's reall expensive.. only GEO charges 2 Lakhs Rs for 10 Sec commercial.


^ really?


Put your link at social bookmarking sites and Link Exchange with some games sites like: