How to get NOC from PTA? - Mobile shipped via USPS now stuck at Karachi Airport


I had actually read sometime back in News that they are going to automate the process of getting NOC. Has that system been implemented yet?


Can I just type this letter and print it and take it to GPO ( Of course ill put my phone's info) or is it going to be in the system of PTA and they are going to check the NOC document to Verify it ?


I ordered a phone and i don't know the IMEI number will custom send me IMEI number in letter??


any one can help me...

after review all of your comment now i confused and depressed ... i order cell phone

please help me how to clear from customs anyone knows any good clearing agent.


i want to import 50 mobiles from dubai . plz guide me ! how will be clearance processes of NOC,CUSTOM DUTY or other things.


Sarkar dont dont it :slight_smile: Custom people are very active these days you should only do it if you have strong carry system :slight_smile: else if though proper custom you have to pay a lot od money to get it cleared in short it will be a great hassle :frowning: