How to download directly to my webserver?

I have Shell/SSH acess to my server as I get the option in the cPanel

but I don't know how to use it, confused with the keys stuff

Anyone can help me out


Can anyone answer the question?

You need to have a SSH client. The most popular one is 'putty', download it and use it to connect to your server. Once you are logged in you will have a shell prompt of your server.

after Download the Putty ,

Login to your shell Account , Dir structures and dir commands most near to DOS ,

for geting the file to your server use ,


you can also use lynx , but that is complicated , for more simpler thing.

Google the term , rapidleech , Upload via cpanel to your home dir , like

and that will works perfect if you want to downloading things to your server...

lol. so hard ways.. :-/

use this script. make sure one thing. keep page locked.

use "putty " its best open source solution but for that u must know linux putty language like:

bum ,bum yash etc ......

putty is just a shell/telnet etc client it doesn't have a language. The language you have to learn is of the Shell. Most probably it will be BASH ( if its a linux hosting ).