How to do Telegraphic Transfer?

I have to send money by Telegraphic Transfer (T/T). How can I do that?

Can someone kindly tell the whole procedure? From where can I do that? And if any official documentation is required?

u may go to your bank and then order a TT form then you need to fill the same including the SWIFT code of the receiver's bank and thats it !

if u need to send in the US dollars then you must have a foreign currency account and if you dnt have one then you will b charged as per open market currency rate .

Any Bank?

I will sending in a foreign currency; not USD and I don't have a foreign currency account.

How much is the transactions fees?

You cannot send a foreign currency TT without having a foreign currency account. Period!

Khanani & Kalia ( used to offer a service but they were shut down.

There are other exchange companies you can try. Just avoid zarco.

@rokra: For example? BTW, I am in Karachi.


I "must" send a TT in Chinese currency by August 20th. If opening foreign currency account is must, then I have to do that.

Is it easy to open a foreign currency account? How much time reqd. for it? special documents?

I don't know if this matters, i am a student and this transaction is for academic purpose.

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@rokra: For example? BTW, I am in Karachi.

I’ve personally never used an exchange company for this purpose but there are a lot of them. Galaxy, money matters, dollar east etc. When it comes right down to it these exchange companies are all using the banking system as well. They have agreements with banks who do the actual transfer on their behalf.

You should be able to get an FC account if you can prove the source of income. Your father’s pay slip, biz reg certificate etc. may be required and your student card/admission letter. For the most part you won’t have any problem because its for educational purposes.

you can use metropolitan bank and give them pakistani rup and they will give you the foreigh currency (on open market rate) and then will send the same ,

for charges , it depends where you want to send and how much