How to connect 10 pcs in a network

What is best way in terms of security?

I mean which hardware I should use if i go for wireless.

Use any 802.11 b/g/n network with WPA 2 Personal + AES encryption if you want to go wireless.

A wired network is more secure if intruder cannot get physical access to the network devices.

In that network, I should have to setup domain?

I want to restrict some users from accessing internet and other computers.

Read up on ISA server and OpenDNS. You might need to configure your router appropriately.

make sure it should NOT ONLY 802.11 "b" as B is an Orthodox and obsolete protocol.

If using 802.11b/g then make sure all computers are using 802.11g. Even if only one computer is using 802.11b, that single computer (or device) can lower the whole network speed.

Moreover, I shall recommend to use 802.11n (all computers must use 802.11 n) in your network because it gives out much more better results.

Is 802.11n more expensive than others?

Also, if I used a mobile with 802.11b in a 802.11g/n environment, would that also affect the speed overall?

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Is 802.11n more expensive than others?

Yes, but gives out much better speed and coverage area.

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Also, if I used a mobile with 802.11b in a 802.11g/n environment, would that also affect the speed overall?

Yes, even if only one device (a cellphone) using 802.11b, in a 802.11g network, will lower the speed of all other devices connected to network (even if all other are using 802.11g).

Go for worldcall ....great wireless broadband

yeah I wanted some advice on the same thing.. i want to connect my laptop and 2 desktop pcs + couple of cellphones ..if i buy wireless router that which ones the best buy + wifi card for pc and how much do they cost?


I am using this linksys router at my home and pretty satisfied with its performance, currently four laptops and two cell phones use it, though not all of these all the time. It has four eth ports too so if you plan to connect any PCs directly you can do that too. Not sure about wifi card, my cousin bought one second hand in 1K and its running from years, not sure about company.


ISA can give you lot of control and you can manage what ever access levels you want, but if it look you difficult to manage you can go for some router with a decent firewall that can give you some control too though limited, also I think creating LAN groups in router LAN settings you should be able to keep some computers away from some other group/groups of computers, by maintaining more LAN groups then one.