How to check for the Genuine APC UPS

Yesterday I got APC Smart-UPS 750VA (made in Philippine) from Islamabad near Khyber plaza for Rs. 13000 with a local warranty of 1 year and battery 1/2 year. How can I check that the UPS i got is a genuine APC Smart UPS not a fake one. What should i do to check whether the ups components and the battery is original APC. I heard from some people that some shopkeepers change the original battery and install a cheap poor quality battery in the UPS and sale it on relatively cheaper prices.

Also I need to know what are the UPS first usage instructions / precautions. Is battery first needed a full charge before use.

You all are requested to share your expertise and help me in this regard



what is its backup time on full load, i.e. around 600 Watts?

Well I don't know as I didn't test it yet as I am out of city right now.

Could u advise about my previous queries please.


saad bhai could u please tell me address of the shop where u purchased this UPS from in isloo?

and does that price include battery as well or not.

and last question is can u connect more than one battery with it to increase backup time (are there any external battery connections?)