How much you need to reacharge for Ufone Internet unlimited

I have a query, how much you need to reach, to activate Ufone Internet unlimited.

Please those who haven't used, don't put your logic. I need to know actual situation.

Rs.600 - 1.5gb limit.

So if i recharge 600, the balance i will get around 514. Then if i send the request to activate unlimited GPRS than it will be activated?

No, you have to recharge 800, so you will get about 620+ balance, cause the package costs 500+ tax, so it will be about 600 - 620.

To activate, just goto write message, write SUB & send it to 803.

Note: To use GPRS you must already have the Internet settings in your mobile. To get them call ufone helpline, and ask them for internet settings.

Once activated, You can check your remaining internet data balance by dialing *706#


Means you also haven't used this package.

Any how thanks for the help!!

Anyone else?

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Means you also haven’t used this package.

Nope, i am a zong user, just tried to help you.

Anyway someone else will help you more.

yeah thanks for the help, actually so far i know, like other Ufone night package, you might need just 500 balance in your account, but again i am not sure. I have used zong. It's speed wasn't impressive on viewty. Last day i used on Nokia 6500 slider, it was awesome. still i want to check ufone, for competition.

recharge 800 rupees

In my opinion, zong is best, i just recharge rs.600 each month for 4gb internet. (instead of rs.800 for 1.5gb). And the best thing is that i get great speed in my area. (i am in karachi).


you also haven't used it. Do you want to know, how i find out?

Let suppose if i accept your logic, still 800Rs. don't make sense at all. Since if you recharge 800 then you will around 688, but the balance you required is just 605 (500+105). So 700 recharge would be sufficient. You just need 3 rs separate balance.


I agree zong is cheaper, but the decision of the best would be after i use both.

Ufone's speed is really good but 1.5 gb limit is a turn off u need to recharge 7 cards

Now that Zong is giving 2gb in 200 + tax (240 with tax), it is MUCH MUCH better than ufone's 1.5gb in 700 - 800.

limit hai 1.5gb.. 600 main

I activated 2GB zong. I feel like i have ruin my 300 Rupees. Since speed has been reduced. I can't even watch youtube. Zong management must knew prier to launching this. That if they reduce the prices then they will face more customer. I am still not sure, whether it is reducing price, or free GPRS is still ON, nothing done by Zong technical people to stop people. Or they don't wanted to do so.

What ever, but only paid customers are suffering because of that :-s

well zong sumtimes works very well but sumtimes its totally dead as far as i have heard warid rocks in gprs and is very good in downloading and uploading ...............

1 thing is there y people who live in big cities are using gprs ????? u people cam go for dsl wateen wimax witribe etc /........... ya if u want to use at phone then its ok but for pc use other things are superb .............

i have used this package of UFONE ,, in lahore ,,, it gives ~25KBps downloading speed,and is very good!!!,, and very good as far as mobility is concerned ,,, just plug ur mobile with laptop and enjoy anywhere in Pakistan ,,,, I recharged 750RS,,, before activating this package......

and keep in mind if it given me 25 KBps speed ,, it os not necessarily u get same speed

speed depends upon

Distance from tower+ Mobile set+ Users at dat time + Browser

dear i just wana know that whether its speed gets slow but does it get hanged ????????? web pages are easily opened or not are u getting this speed at edge??? main issue is that web pages must not get hanged ...............

for me at lahore on my laptop , i didnt faced this issue,,, i used to get this speed using edge

well in murree where i live there is full reception of u edge i think cuz at my cuzn's phone E sign always come i think i should take ufone?????????