How much HP engine is needed to run 25 KVA coil?

how much power needed to run a 25 KVA coil (generator) how much HP engine ?

40 HP minimum.... but should be around 60-70 HP ideally to cope with starting loads..

Also depends on whether the generator would be a highspeed unit (300RPM) or a lowspeed unit (1500RPM)....

Is it a two pole coil or a four pole coil?

dont know about how many poles in it , but it is 3 phase coil. can we install an auto engine (lehran or F!0a (alto) engine in it to work ? and run tht whole setup on natural gas ?

when looking at the engine you need to look at torque as well, my guess is the answer is no. From my experience you would essentially need the equivalent of a Diesel Charade engine or Shezore Engine to be able to use that coil... The Alto engine wouldnt be able to deal with the torque issues imo.

but i need to install a petrol engine so i could run tht on natural gas too !

diesel engine cant b converted on gas .