How many of the old members are still active


:open_mouth: i just randomly signed in after many months and saw this post! I am alive too!
Life happens for every one.
Also back then WP was also addicting with the content quality and members etc. One major thing was WP went down too many times.
simultaneously facebook, insta and other things become more dominant.
Hi Upsilon remember me! :smiling_imp:
love and peace brothers!




Of course i remember you. I used to make fun of your DP. :stuck_out_tongue:

You, me, deffury, farhan_ds, Faisal, armada, jDk, and a few others were all part of the โ€œactive discussion groupโ€. We were the most active contributors of the forum. It feels good to know that. :sunglasses:


Good to see that old members are still alive on this forum:+1: