How many of the old members are still active

A long state of coma does in fact, inflict heavy damage to activity. I was actually surprised to see this forum back when I visited last month.

Yes everyone has got busier in life. I guess this forum will be here for all of us to come back very actively, when we all reach our retirement age.

Glad to know that, @TechMan :smiley:

And with same Avatar :slight_smile:

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There are only one to two new threads per week. So basically the WP never came back after it went offline. That’s the reason most of the users never came back.

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Well Well Well … guys count me in too , It was a wonderful site , an addiction but it went down for no obvious reasons when it was blooming.Comeon lets make it back where it was , in those days it was giving tough times
To wccftech.


Glad to hear from you.

May be the whole concept of forums on internet is dying? Facebook groups and pages have risen tremendously in activity over the past few years and so has Reddit. On FB groups, we get replies within an hour at most.

And for technical questions, the content on sites like stackoverflow etc has grown exponentially as well.

So perhaps the popularity of thread based forums is not the same anymore?
What do the native members think on this matter? :smile:

It is true. Things evolve over time for better or for worse.

Facebook activity has risen you say? Well, I disagree. People are getting rid of FB at a rapid pace. Most of my friends & relatives are not on it anymore (i myself had left years ago). Nobody trusts FB anymore.

As for the lack of activity on these forums. Well, IMO the reasoning for that is that people have gotten accustomed to Google, so whenever they have a query, they look it up on the internet & get an answer 90% of the time, hence very few people make new threads & posts regarding their queries.

Still here…

Randomly decided to have a look at WP today. Uni and work took their toll.


Compared to 2012-2014, the Facebook activity from Pakistan has risen significantly. FB users from 2012 era might be leaving and are indeed doing so, but the number of new users from new mobile purchasers from the last two years alone have quadrupled the user base from PK. Compare the activity on videos, stories sale items, groups etc to see for yourself.

Hey. Nice to see you back.

We’ve all gotten busy mate, but it’s nice to catch up every once in a while.

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Nice to see so many of the old timers are still lurking around here. Back in the day (circa 2004 ?) when I used to get online with SuperNet dialup cards, it wasn’t even a tech forum. It was Khalid Omerr’s off-roading blog! which somehow transformed into this general and then tech blog. Necessity … mother … invention. :grinning:

There were barely two dozen members back then. A fairly close-knit group. Good times. I think forums swim or sink based largely on the quality of it’s core membership. They form the backbone, and by the looks of it, this forum still has ‘it’ :+1:. Probably, because there is still no viable alternative out there.

I lurk, but when I saw spam taking over, I thought the forum had been set adrift by the higher powers. As Pakistan, once again, queues up for a tech-revolution we will need all the experts on here, to guide the rest of us through the minefield of jugaaR, totkey and the right-way. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sheikh ‘Pur UmmeeD’ Chilli


:open_mouth: i just randomly signed in after many months and saw this post! I am alive too!
Life happens for every one.
Also back then WP was also addicting with the content quality and members etc. One major thing was WP went down too many times.
simultaneously facebook, insta and other things become more dominant.
Hi Upsilon remember me! :smiling_imp:
love and peace brothers!

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Of course i remember you. I used to make fun of your DP. :stuck_out_tongue:

You, me, deffury, farhan_ds, Faisal, armada, jDk, and a few others were all part of the “active discussion group”. We were the most active contributors of the forum. It feels good to know that. :sunglasses:

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Good to see that old members are still alive on this forum:+1:

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I don’t know why, but Sheikh_Chilli pops up in my friends suggestions on Facebook sometimes. :smiley:


Hi fellas, New here but try to keep in touch with you guys. I hope I can get some useful knowledge from you guys that helps me in future. :slight_smile:

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I am still here

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