How hot does your lcd get

i have a 20 inch big samsung monitor in my small computer room

i am thinking of replacing it with a 19 or 20 inch lcd (possibly viewsonic)

my questions is,,, will the lcd run just as hot as my current monitor?

for those members who are using lcds, how hot does your lcds run?

I am using 19 inch Acer and 46 inch Samsung650, none gets hot to the point as regular tv/monitor.

The front screen gets slightly hot (more like warm) after a couple hours continuous use. The other parts remain cold to warm but not really hot.

Right as Asad said. I'm using samsung 17" only the front screen gets warm but there is nothing to worry about. Now i recall those days when i had 21" monitor and sitting in front of it in summer was just a problem without A.c. :)

In terms of hotness after hours of usage:

CRT Monitor > LCD Monitor

thnks people ,,information was extremely helpful