How hard is it to set up PTCL on your own router?

I just want one router, not connect PTCL router to another one. I want wireless connectivity and wired both so i will get a router with both and use that as my only router.

The question is, will i be easily able to set up my PTCL DSL on some locally available router? Is it easy?

depends on one's networking skills & knowledge :P

really? because setting it up on Huwewai router is a piece of cake. all it needs is one or two settings and then password and you're good to go

He probably meant setting it up on some non-default router,

took me 3,4 hours to hook up my wrt54g2 with all the PCs in my home and to link setup a wifi network in my home with that. Of course i had da help of many networking gurus on our irc channel :P so that made it easy, else it may have taken alot more than that for a first-timer.

3-4 hours? damn :P

abbas jin i also ve same modem plz guide me how to do it